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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 1, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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economy. you said and something i disagree he with. >> 8% unemployment. 16 trillion dollar debt we're not moving forward, juan. >> we are moving forward. >> bill: no reason we're moving forward. >> yes, and i think that most americans disagree with you and think that the economy is finally starting to go for it and in fact. >> bill: based on what? >> if you just-- >> based on what? >> if you don't invest in education, infrastructure and the american people and just give money back to the rich then you go back to the days where, you know, less taxes, less regulations and-- >> you're both disagreeing, but you're agreeing in a round-about way and i've got to run. it's about money-- >> and a larger part of the identification, playing a large part-- >> no, this was about money. again, thank you for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly, please always remember that the spin
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>>, i remember going back to reagan days and sam donaldson was there, mr. president, did you try? we don't have those hard hitting reporters when it comes to obama. >> they want access to washington, d.c.. if you want to have access your not going to have a hard hitting news reporter. >> but let's go to the night of the election and go to nbc. why was he thankful for hurricane sandy? watch this. >> good work for them. good work for him. a good day for america. i'm so glad we had that storm last week. i think the storm is one of
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those things politically bringing in possibilities for good policy. >> thank god for that storm. >> do you know what? that is so typical of the left. it's politics over everything else. and people suffered great devastation. all matthews can think about is how it might have helped ob yaum yachl had we said anything like that, that would have been... >> and then, chris matthews you have a man who people did agree with him and here here he is saying political advantages of a storm that nearly wiped out a town. >> it's sick. >> i think that we have to realize with the media is that you may have reported it's for years liberals had this as an all or nothing proposition. conservatives, if our guy doesn't get elected it's not the end of the world. in this election, the media
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has been center left. in this election they got not just tipping scales for him, they jumped on it, brought limousine and everything else they could. >> we talk about chris matthews. but here is a guy that said this president has done everything not most things, a lot of things. no. everything right. just watch. >> this guy has done everything right. raised his family right. fought to the top of the harvard law review, he's never broken laws or done anything wrong. the perfect father, perfect husband, perfect american. all they do is trash the guy. >> it looks like might as well get down and worship, he's perfect. >> here is the problem. it was with this, the first clip, last clip is just him being a fool. first clip is something the country should have seen.
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against the pictures of the devastation and deaths but you know what? this is my problem with republicans and all of the people that instead of wasting their money doing what they do with these stupid consultants they should be putting that up for the american people so everybody can see it. do you want to stop what is going on? hold people account ybl personally. >> but there is a certain, i can't explain it. we've covered every aspect of this administration, mary wex tried to a president says saying republicans want grandma over the cliff. i tried to bring these up. he got away with all of them. fox played it. talk radio played it. >> you're one guy. the republican party does not know how to fight back. they sit there and take it and get hit over and over again. and they just expect someone is going to say well this isn't fair them. have to stand up and say this isn't fair.
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stand up and no one is going to do it for them. they need a marketing department. >> another thing to keep in mind this is a low blow with the people did, taking advantage of the storm and hurricane sandy. whit comes to the media, and in washington, d.c. alone over 93%, i think it is of the reporters vote democrat. so they vote democrat, that is what they're writing about. this is what we see on a regular basis throughout the media ouand most families are hd working people. they're not really into like we are, paying attention to what the media is doing and consequences. >> and you as an african american conservative have been brutalized by the media. when you consider in z.factor in the war on women or the dog whistles every american is a racist if you listen to certain media outlets. where are they when
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conservative african americans are tacked or conservative women like sara palin? we have the "new york times" columnist charles blow said mitt romney, nice man, good family, hard working. creates jobs but doesn't have a soul. listen to this. >> this man does not have a soul if you open up, you know his chest its probably a gold ticking watch in there. not even a heart this, is not a person this, is just a robot who will do whatever it takes, whatever he's told to do to make it to the white house. >> sean: yeah. good. >> it's continuous. it's going to get worse with obama being in the white house, you're going to have reporters covering for obama. what they're going to do is play the race card. it's a failed policy that's are harming those he claims he wants to help. he says he's for the middle class. but policies are killing the middle class. >> let me bring ambassador bolton up here. either one, yes?
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ambassador? >> i think the republican party not capable of dealing with the media. i think other institutions have to do it. the media is not going to be fixed tlchl is no way to make this them fair and balanced. wait to deal with them and break their cartel. they're no longer three dominant television network there's is internet and talk radio that. is the way to reduce input. you're not going to change their vibe. >> it's true. let me good to maybe the -- to everybody nels here. maybe when the traif on -- trayvon martin case came up, we're going play the edited portion followed by the original call which is different. to point out, i think a big case of media bias. they played it on nbc. watch this. >> this guy looks like he's up to no good he looks black. >> did you see what he was
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wear something. >> yes. a dark hood qlee -- hoody. >> we've had break ins in my neighborhood there is a sus spishus guy. this guy looks like he's up to no good or on drugs or something. it's raining and he's just walking around, looking about. >> this guy is he white or hispanic? he looks black. >> they edit out is he white, black or hispanic? >> they want to own the narrative. and control narrative out there. that means these journalists out there have to do the job the main stream media should be doing. do the digging and show all of the facts main stream media isn't reporting. this is a serious injustice any respectible organization should tri to control narrative out there. it's despicable. >> one of the thing goesing out here, talking about new media. you can't fight devil
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was angels. you're not going to fix the big three. you're not going fix alphabet networks so what we have to do is fight them on their own turf and think of what we've done with new media, with talk radio. we've got to combine our efforts talk and new media because we have a larger reach when working that way. we've got to stop playing nice. we're too inelect wall. we do. conservatives. >> say that to liberals they think every conservative is dumb. >> right. right. >> we think they're going to process the same way we do. but they act and defend that. is why the race card matters so let's fight them as devils on their ground in the same way. >> headline out of the show is that you called liberals devils. >> media matters is going to love you. >> let me remind you what andrew brightbart said. if you can't sell freedom, you suck.
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we've got to sell what we're about. they're going to attack us. don't wor bri that they say. let's do what we need to do. >> it's really nbc over that talk. this gets to your point about tactics. you can't just sit back and take it f you're held in custody as george zimmerman is, he is now suing nbc. >> holding back the picture of his broken nose. >> right. what that shows you is that it's bigger than politics. we talk about how the left wing immediate where will do anything to are protect obama that is true. but it's ideology. whether the far left wing, president obama, democrats in congress, trayvon martin. they'll let the truth fall away in support of their own narrative. >> i promise i'm going to get everybody. we're looking forward to giving you a we'll get you in the next segment. it isn't a secret the main stream media is protecting obama. how they helped him win a
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second term, that and more on this special edition of "hannity". glad you're with us.
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>> i think they have surrendered all semblance of objectivity. they don't even try to go into that direction. it's not 2012. a couple things we've never seen before. one was the suppression of
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this. where they actually sensored news. news we know bit. because you might watch fox news. if you watch awc and nbc and cbs, you didn't know about many scandals. >> that is one of them. >> and actually, editing they did it to mitt romney. and it would make him look like an idiot. they've done to it george zimmerman. i think any idea of rules of journalism are forever gone. >> sean: remember after the first debate, president didn't do very well and al gore said it could have been the altitude. but diane sawyer? >> supporters saying this wasn't a bad night. he didn't show up. >> just looked like to me he really didn't want to be there. his mind wasn't on it. he didn't want to engage. >> this is legendary
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democratic strategist. >> and this is and and al gore said it was altitude. are you so good? we worship you so much. was it altitude? was al right? i don't recall her having the same interview after this. this is, they were so shocked this man they believed is god somehow was brought down to earth as a mere mort wraal. >> incredible to do that. diane sawyer reports to be a serious anchor woman. >> that is the difference. >> during elections remember there is a story about mitt romney. and he was a big bully. wow this, became big news. emremember, the president admitted to smoking pot, doing drugs and snorting cocaine. and all sorts of things. there was mitt romney bullying
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in high school. >> good evening, we begin there is a surprising turn of events, mitt romney accused of bullying a vulnerable fellow student in high school. >> mitt romney reports to reports as a teenager he was in a bullying incident of a class mate who later came out as gay. he says he doesn't recall it. >> he doesn't even remember it i can see newt gingrich as a bully. i can see brett bowsel as a bully. maybe sean hannity. but romney? come on. that is just so goofy from the beginning. and who the heck? we're talking about the leader of a free world. not someone what he did when he was 14 or 17 or something. >> they made it into something begin. we begin tonight abc news, tonight, mitt romney, the
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bully well. have all of the detail goesing live. come on. this is so -- i said, it is -- people need to understand that is a p conyuming information. during the election the networks tried to distort the g.o.p., so-called war on wism we never heard the end of it. >> are you prepared to leave this gathering and own the fact that the platform of the party allows a woman who has been raped to carry that child to term? >> a lot of women look at republican platform on abortion and couldn't skpepgs ask the question whether republicans have womens' best interests at heart. >> what is the question? >> here is what is important here for leaders to understand. barack obama did what he did on this issue because that was his victory. sheer political calculation. but the media carried his
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water for him. that -- they knew the questions weren't fair. they knew it wasn't true. look at paul ryan having to defend himself for something he didn't do. look at barack obama. i brought this up a lot. often, how did he gaet way with taking a million dollars from bill mahr calling governor palin c word, b word. he went after governor palin's children, how does he get away with that? double standard. >> mitt romney had to worry about people with cameras in private meetings. barack obama could be public with cameras there and he knows he's in the going to be called. they just did not report these. like the finances. where did this money come from? they've been asking that question since 2008. >> loox at cnn they play the song "stupid girls" when doing
9:21 pm
a piece on governor palin. watch. >> sara palin apparently hungry for chicken and controversy. >> stupid girls only exceeded by stupid explanations by cnn saying it had nothing to do with the news or guests. said it was a wrong choice. >> of course, every music thing you put is put in for a reason. it's attached to the guest. >> explains why the average viewership of cnn is about -- . >> on my radio show i the purpose was to inhale. >> people are turning offer the show because they reached their destination. there are more people who have stopped watching you at the end of the show that will ever
9:22 pm
begin watching cnn. their audience is down to 300,000. >> i don't know that. thank you. >> coming up at the end of the program, brent going reveal the outrageous example of media bias, coming up next, more on the media paneling of the 2012 election with our audience. plus, how so called journalists are aiding the white house in covering up facts in the ben fwazy terrorist attacks that killed four americans and more as we continue this special edition of "hannity". this is america.
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>> that crazy republican has got to be stopped. >> what started this band today of people less iq today, less business sense like allen west and screw balls out there following bands you're leading. >> alan west has been allowed to go off the reservation. when you're off that long, i think you lose sight of where your boundaries of are. you go off into crazy land. you forget there is sane land you would, this was accusations that republicans conservatives are racist and against women, we just played sara palin. here is a war hero. american hero, look what they say about it. >> you target, you ridicule,
9:27 pm
remove. next american this is going happen to soon to be senator tim scott. whenever someone threatens the left, the left identifies, targets and removes. it's not unusual and will continue whenever someone stands up, incomes the left over msnbc and others. you mentioned media matters. slaughtered on social media. they're good until we get into that game we're just going to see it again and again. >> yes. and the right goes out of its way to avoid being called race yismt you wonder what good it does them. in both campaigns, jerimiah rice is off the table. >> sean: what does did it get me? >> got them charles blow saying mitt romney will do anything to get elected.
9:28 pm
no. he won't. >> i wanted to say do you know what? the left has been defining us, telling our story. it's a work of fiction. what we need to do is i think use the grass roots advocacy groups have them develop commercials or something to get out there to tell their story. you can start out with a special, 50 second commercial says you might think more taxes means more money goes to the government. it's not true. we need to focus and tell our own story. i'm sick ask tired of allowing these people to define who we are. they continue to do it. >> i focus earlier david and i talked on there about it. you too, there was a vicious campaign. to personally destroy it. >> this is part of how they go after republican administrations trying to staff the government. the media bets congressional democrats try to keep control
9:29 pm
of different pieces of the government. if you elected or reform conservative president, he or she would have difficulty governing washington. that is their objective to make it a permanent bureaucracy resisting election result autos good point. jennifer you're a member of the tea party. nobody more demonized than tea party crowds, right? >> right. right. >> racist? 100,000 tdzs give us proof no, evidence. >> never. the reason, sean, is because we don't ever frame the debate. the rule in debating is that one rule, he who frames the debate, wins the debate. i'll give you an example. the school shooting. you have the president and left wing democrats talking about banning guns. where are the republicans to talk about the idea of the culture? the movie is in the gun violence in tv. of the feminist agenda that ruined men and young boys in this country so 20 something
9:30 pm
kids choose to be considered those who have it all are now reduced to this? sick with mental illness? >> you know, you're a liberal wrote a book about being a liberal in new york. a conservative woman in new york. probably the only one. but one of few. yes. but it's, you're in monica crowley was here, so you're somewhat protected. >> right. exactly. i worked in academia for years. you're odd man out if you're a conservative. g.o.p. needs to own the narrative what. we do is we tip toe around issues. we're afraid to offend and insult. newt gingrich didn't back down. he said i am calling you a food stamp president because food stamp numbers have risen under his presidency. this is about policy autos we're going get to this side.
9:31 pm
>> are you mad at me? look. he's about to throw the microphone as me. we're going come back. when liberals become desperate what do they do? play worn out race card. you don't believe what we're about to show you. it isn't just the white house trying to cover up the benghazi terrorist attack that left more americans dead. how the media is trying to hide the truth as well, that p more on this he dishl edition of hannity. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix.
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joining me now is daiftd web and jason riley this, is predictable as election season comes and goes. going back to 1998, missouri, democratic party radio ad. elect republicans black churches are going burn. al gore goes for a black audience goes into preacher mode. rbi republicans don't want to count new the census. hillary clinton changes her cadence. it's predictable. they did it this election season y do they keep doing it? >> because it work autos well...
9:36 pm
i think it does work. to some extent. >> the left likes to complain but you listen to rhetoric and think that is the last thing in the world they want. take the situation we just have gone through. here, you had the nation's first black president just reelected trying to nominate the third black un ambassador to become the third black secretary of state. this would be considered fro pro gres. -- pro grechls but no. instead left -- . >> she's a woman, it's about race. >> right reduced to being a black woman instead of credentials she used to get the job. so we know they're going to play. that is a given. what they're going to do to pin stop. they do to it any black conservative. we have to go on offense. we have to have a hell no moment for left. >> does going on offense mean
9:37 pm
i'm not a racist, i swear? >> no. that is defense, defense is the first thing we do on the right. i'm in the a racist. we trot out examples. they're not going to recognize that. >> we have to start with a attitude which is one, hell no. two, i'm not because, and three, we have to do a better job. we need to change some of our spokesman. if you want to be a big 10 to go out to engage people i'm not talking about pandering and trotting out your hispanics and women and blacks or whatever. getting people outside of the election cycle going in to work with this community. again, there is no race card. it's a myth. but it's an effective strategy. >> let me go to media side of this this, is part of the special tonight. everything at nbc if you say chicago, it means you're racist. use the term urban, it's must
9:38 pm
be racist. it's so out of control, but they're advancing as the press team or the extension of the press team of the white house, of barack obama this year, that narrative. watch this. >> it was just frustrating to watch a guy lie to the american people, not to be counter punched because we're afraid he's going to be called an angry black man. i don't see a black man. >> this is about getting near a work requirement for help for health care. you're playing that little ethnic card there. keeps saying chicago p if you notice. that sends that message this, guy helping poor people in bad neighbors. >> a lot of black people in chicago. >> dog whistle is a dog whistle. a trumpet call is another. >> it's sort of slang. it doesn't mean eve yismt. >> without getting into the argument as to whether he is taking the president out of
9:39 pm
context over the build it business he's using the term foreign this, is happening every day. it's a dog whistle. >> look. let's take a look. >> i recent that. >> what does this grand wizard nonsense? >> all right. all right. >> give me a break. don't go there with me on that. >> i agree. okay. good. >> thank you. >> there is none of those problems over there. >> dog whistle? work fair? chicago? urban, foreign? just comes out, says grand wizard. >> they're going to do this. what do we do? we have to get better at strategy. we have to stop for just a minute. ignore what they're going to do. not ignore it, realize they're going to do it. then, deal with them head to head. remember, you can't fight devil was angels. you have to fight them on their own turf in a way. >> they use a technique that is beyond insulting. there sefdz of personal bias.
9:40 pm
because any african american conservative... your african american in this country. you're a conservative, you're an uncle tom, a sellout. >> uncle ruckus. >> it's used with regular layer eye -- regular layer ti. >> it comes from top down, from the president on down this, campaign was about race hating. he sent ut his vice president to say republicans want to piggy bag back in change he sent out a black attorney general sent out on the campaign trail to put aside the justice department saying republicans had to plan to steal the franchise back from blacks. >> this starts at the top and media runs it. >> we have to change in this country this, isn't a democrat or republican issue. as americans we have to come
9:41 pm
complacent and accepting of what is being shoved down our throats by the main stream media. yes, we're fighting back on talk radio, your show, my show. things we do. but we're not closing the loop by going out and we're going have to to build bok pok yits of resistance, go to them in colleges and immediate why outlets. they're too chicken to bring me to msnbc but let's take them on head to head. >> sean: sup. >> by the way, supposedly racist tea party are largely responsible for that in january. >> i gave up on stock home syndrome. >> it's rude and mean spirited and hateful. happens all the time. they get away with it, then, they flip it and accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of. >> again, put them in the narrative. tell everybody that is it. >> sean: guys good to see you. thank you.
9:42 pm
unveiling the outrageous example of media bias, but first obama administration has been given a free pass from the main stream media when it comes to reporting facts about the benghazi terrorist attack. we're going to expose how media is helping the white house cover up the truth that. and much more as this special edition of "hannity" continues. sometimes what we suffer from
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stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. the flu comes on fast, so ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu. welcome back to this special edition of media mash. 2012 year in review. we've demonstrated reporters work overtime to help shield the president from his many policy failures here at home. but the aiding and abetting didn't end there. they were helping him cover up when things went awry overseas when it comes to the benghazi terrorist attacks. that sad reality was never enough to spark the interest of the main stream media. they sat by as the president,
9:46 pm
hillary clinton and others lied about the events that triggered attacks and about the administration's actions as the assault was being carried out. joining me now to go over examples of how the press failed the american people and helped cover up the scandal is former u.s. ambassador to the un, john bolton. whatever obama said was echoed in the media. let's take a look at this. chris matthews to regurgitate whatever he said. watch this. >> romney one more romney. romney. >> cover up scandal from the middle east. >> what was this scandal? >> benghazi. >> what was the scandal. >> well, i mean. >> what was the scandal. >> he said there was a video. >> thank you. read the newspaper. everybody knows it's about the video. thank you very much. >> it's all about the video. wrong i wasn't about the video. >> didn't have anything to do with the so called video. where the media went wrong here to help the president with his story was they didn't
9:47 pm
investigate it. they could have looked at whether there was a spontaneous demonstration if benghazi. they did not. they could have found out whether there are requests for enhanced security before the september 11th attacks they did not. they carried ate long. only fox news were investigating. kept the story alive because there is so much the main stream media didn't look at. >> we knew because the libyan president told us it was not related to the video well. had people on the ground and realtime video coming in. now, we learn because they didn't want this to come out before the election. >> he's right. two things are going on here, first. elite main stream immediate yoont left mostly support barack obama regard him as some sort of demi god, incapable of making miss stakes. when there is a real scandal,
9:48 pm
like benghazi that are real, legitimate with body counts of american citizens at the hands of american policy what the main stream media then does is try to ignore it, try to dismiss it, then, third response to try to turn it into a fox news very because we're the only ones who are trying to investigate to get to the truth that. is another way they try to dismiss it and disregard it so american people don't think it's a big story as it is. >> sean: just before election day they were getting panicked about the story. it was beginning to resonate. and that well, thank god sandy came. whoever would say something like that? but media saying this is contrived and not true. as you point out, conservatives are advancing the story. >> this is about libyan kons slit has been like a mirage. it isn't an issue. >> it's obvious litlee at this
9:49 pm
point, we're talking earlier. i was doing civil war in beirut. messy situation. people don't show up with uniforms. you know? you can have a flash mob turn into a planting. plant people inside of a flash mob this, is contrived story. in the sense that this is the end of, you know, obama's foreign policy. >> ambassador there, have you a contributions of cbs, time magazine, nbc and "new york times". >> and part of the problem is disconnect tweechb elite status. no one they are killed it's big news. and in the middle of a presidential campaign, you bet they expect two candidates who are vying to be commander in chief to talk about why americans are being killed and
9:50 pm
nothing is being done about it. >> and by the way, the elite main stream immediate why never gave the rez benefit of the doubt when it came to national security issue that's got concrete. they political sized iraq and afghanistan. this is a disgrace with personal representative of the president of the united states, dead in the street dragged through the streets. these are foreign policy it doesn't matter. >> you know, there are a lot of sicking points to this. they requested security. beforehand. numerous occasions seek ti denied they knew what's happening in realtime. they never told the american people. then, there is a cover up as suspect aspect of this. all to protect the president so he can cruise to reelection. it worked. >> yes. i think another aspect is what
9:51 pm
gene kirkpatrick calls blame america first syndrome. when the excuse comes out it was spontaneous reaction to something an american did. critical of the prophet mohammed they were prepared to believe it was our fault our ambassador got killed. >> immediate why supposed to be keeping an eye on those in power for the rest of us. they have failed on that. they failed in this regard. but there are still not doing the job about what are they covering up? what was the ambassador doing? what is the gun running going from libya into syria? and this would be a real policy scandal. we don't know. the media is not investigating. >> thank you both. >> thank you. >> coming up, unveiling the most disgufrlting examples of media bias in 2012, next, straight ahead. new prilosec otc wildberry
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welcome back to >> the women who burst the citizens. nation are second class. this is the imperfect fabric of our nation. at times, we have torn and stained it. at other moments, we mend and repair t. but it's our, all of it. the imperialism, the genocide, the slavery, also the hope and the deeply american belief that
9:56 pm
our best days still lie ahead of us. >> have you to louvre these people. this is the hate america crowd. genocide -- imperialism -- slavery. she doesn't know her history. we saved the world from genocide. we could have been imper yafflistic and we could have run this world, after two consecutive world wars, we are the only nation in the history of man who didn't take anything after the world war. >> radio host who speaks 40 languages, no country has accumulated more power than the united states of america and abused it less. pat caddell, this is your party, pat. >> i want to say something i. oh, boy. >> look, the person who allowed the media to bury benghazi was named mitt romney. he is the one who took the dive in the debate, didn't mention the issue. they couldn't have avoided it if his campaign has calculated that
9:57 pm
they could have won without running as a candidate. i want to say this because i think i may be the only one here from my party, or whatever. my issue is about truth. if you people dont know how to fight eye listen to the whining -- you know what? you know who owns nbc? comcast. i have comcast cable, it's one of the worst cable systems in the country. if people stopped subscribe dog comcast, they might get the mention. you mentioned the worst example on hbo, owned by time warner, which is bill maher, on 24 times a week, doing what he does. you know what? if a half million --ion people told time warner that they would drop it unless they put dennis miller -- it's not free speech -- >> can i stop you for a second. >> democrats fight. you don't fight. >> i agree with mitt romney -- about mitt romney and the third debate. i thought it was terrible. i was writing people, saying, what is he doing you? are right about that. i don't agree with boycott it's.
9:58 pm
>> i didn't call it a boycott -- >> call it what you want -- figet rid -- >> you don't have to subscribe -- >> you have to could, the voices that will be silenced first and quickest and more often are conservative voices -- [overlapping dialogue] >> they do that to fox. they do it -- >> you lose -- >> i'm against boycotts. i believe in free speech. >> not a boycott. >> let me back pat up here in a simple thing. i call it vote with your remote, which means while we have to watch and we have to do our jobs to look at them, that americans can turn around like pat says and say we are not going to watch you because the advertisers look at the tv ratings and say, i am not buying you comcast. i am not buying bill maher, hbo. when people turn sean hannity on, the advertiser says -- >> that's not allowed. >> but this is the free market. when you are watched more, sersus cnn, advertisers buy you,
9:59 pm
you are going to plac money and prosper. when they are not watching, as pat says -- then people are going to say. >> there are organized efforts to silence conservative voices -- color of change. -- sean hannity, fox news. >> you know what? if we had a leader in the republican partied this, would not be as much of a problem. we need someone like chris christie on a national stage. i think that's why he is so popular in new jersey [overlapping dialogue] >> there is no leader out there -- >> yes. >> i think it's the american people who need to stand up and push back. another issue that is not talked about in the media is crony capitalism. obama is picking winners and losers in energy -- >> picking losers. >> millions of dollars of our tax dollars, g.e.'s ceo is lobbying the president. people need to realize, that's our money that is being used against us and